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A touch of color and light

Front cover: Lavaux (detail)

Published by Ming Gallery of Art,

Suzhou, China, May 2017


54 pages, 37 color plates

Front cover: Old City

Published by Quanhua Watercolour Art Gallery,

Shanghai, China, April 2016


8 pages, 8 color plates

Jerusalem double perspective: Beni Gassenbauer and Marek Yanai

Front cover: Lifta (Beni), View from Abu Tor (Marek),

Published by Matsart Gallery, 

Jerusalem-Tel Aviv, May 2013

21x28,5 cm

36 pages, 29 color plates

​Front cover: Jerusalem, la porte bleue​

Published by Galerie Niederhauser, Lausanne, Switzerland, October 2010​

22x20 cm​

28 pages, 24 color plates

​Front cover: House in Abu Tor

Published by Mayanot Gallery, Jerusalem, April 1999


21 pages, 23 color plates

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